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Results of the "Round Long Island Race - 2018"


On this years edition of "Round Long Island Race" we had 22 boats in 6 classes. The race was very interesting, we could say that we broke the record of the regatta members. The wind was from SE so the regatta was raced in the clockwise turn of Veli rat. Acording to the quite strong wind, the boats were very fast downwind but on the way back it took them a long time to sail against strog winds and waves. Lots of the crews had to retire because of the equipment damage onboard.

The winning boat was CRAZY (Akilaria 40) with just two crew members onboard. Fabian Roić as skipper and his team mate Danijel Razi. They did't brake the record but manage to come into finish in 19:38:00 hours.

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